Providing employees training to strengthen their companies, is one of the objectives SUM Startup Mexico Campus Bajio has together with the Ministry of Economic Sustainable Development (SDES, by its Spanish initials.)


That is why they offered the Strategic Program for Companies’ Strengthening, which included an intensive advisory of four months with mentoring specialized in subjects such as innovation and strategic creativity management, Design Thinking methodology, analysis of trends for opportunities detection, update of business model and new monetization sources, products and services portfolio diversification, advertising and corporate image, digital marketing, social networks, market place, tax strategies, among others.


On its first generation of SMEs Acceleration, a total of 35 small and medium enterprises graduated, which were able to develop a growth plan with innovation.


Most of the graduated brands are members of chambers and associations such as the Business Coordinating Council (CCE, by its Spanish initials) Silao, CCE Irapuato, The Chamber of the Footwear Industry of the State of Guanajuato (CICEG, by its Spanish initials,) AMEXME, CANACO-SERVYTUR Silao, CANACINTRA Leon and the Camber of the Tanning Industries of the State of Guanajuato (CICUR, by its Spanish initials.)


Gabriela Cardenas Cervantes, director of SUM Startup Mexico Campus Bajio, detailed that in this course businessmen learned that innovation is a continuous process that all kind of businesses have to have, and without the employees’ collaboration and strategic allies, the transformation process of the entire value chain can be difficult.


“There has to be business development and growth. With this training, participants understood innovation is not only on the process improvement or in creating new services, but that it is also important to innovate business models,” she noted.


Cardenas Cervantes referred that, with this intensive training, participants were able to detect which are the trends and current opportunities in the national and global market, as well as the importance of planning, document processes, assess information, have finances and legal aspects in order.


Joel Froylan Salas Navarro, undersecretary for the development of micro, small and medium company of SDES, said that an articulated and strategic work was done to provide businessmen with the knowledge and basic skills, aiming to encourage their brand and become a high impact business model, as well as the possibility of having access to capital funds, promoting collaboration and innovation for the economic development.


Moreover, the program had the support of organisms ally to Startup Mexico such as Fondos Guanajuato, Marca Guanajuato, the Coordinator of Foreign Trade Development (COFOCE, by its Spanish initials,) CREATIVIKA of CANACINTRA Leon and funds advisory 42Lab.


Before the official act and the delivery of recognition, attendees listened to the magister conference “Megatrends for the micro and small enterprises,” lectured by Anahi Marin Lopez, general director of Desarrollo de Emprendedores A.C. DESEM.