Presenting the Nuevo León 4.0 initiative


The Ministry of Economy and Labor (SEDET, by its Spanish initials) together with the State Government officially presented the initiative “Nuevo Leon 4.0,” which seeks to fully insert the entity into the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, modernizing production systems with a new business and manufacturing model with advanced technology.

The program will continue to align the efforts of the private sector, the academia and the Government to undertake the change from industrial programs to the digital platform that the world's first countries now have.

The Nuevo Leon 4.0 initiative will have an initial investment of 150 million pesos to encourage companies to innovate programs that allow them to face current challenges of globalization and global competition.

The Secretary of Economy and Labor, Fernando Turner Davila, affirmed that with this initiative Nuevo Leon is inserted in the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with a very solid project of Manufacturing 4.0 up to great countries like Germany, with the aim of being leaders in the transformation of the production systems thanks to the use of the most modern technology.

“Among the objectives of ‘Nuevo Leon 4.0’ are the promotion of industrial development, employment and labor capacities with high added value, strengthening industrial sectors of the economy future, developing an ecosystem to reposition the State as a national and international benchmark in economy and industry 4.0,” said the state official.

Through “Nuevo Leon 4.0” it will be possible to develop technological skills such as cloud, robotics, simulations, additive manufacturing, Internet of Things, “Big Data,” advanced materials, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and computer security.

The first phase of the initiative launching includes the integration of a Governing Council, which will be directed by Leopoldo Cedillo Villarreal, General Director of grupo industrial Metalsa.

Likewise, in the short and medium term this initiative considers supporting up to 10 industrial projects that include competences 4.0 of the automotive, agro-food, aerospace, health, energy, household appliances, education and information technologies sectors.

It also observes the integration of industry-academia collaboration teams and awareness and knowledge events for Industry 4.0, both for companies, specialized public and general public.